Matthew Figliola

Founder and CEO.

Matthew Figliola initially founded Ai Design as a small garage specializing in automotive electronics, video systems, and security. Over time, he expanded operations to include all facets of aftermarket automotive personalization.

Figliola is the President of Ai Design, as well as a master craftsman—an individual truly excited by the process of collaborating with clients to realize their wishes and personalization goals.

Figliola maintains an expertise in upholstery, woodworking, welding and general fabrication—much of the designing and hands-on work is undertaken by Matt himself, ensuring each of our clients receive a meticulous interpretation of their automotive dreams and desires.


Todd Henderson

Sales and Marketing.

Todd Henderson is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Ai Design. Henderson joined the team in 2008, and has a wealth of industry experience that he brings to bear here at Ai Design. This includes time spent with Florida-based RENNTech, Inc, as well as managing the Corporate Showroom for CEC (the Claus Ettensberger Corporation) in West Los Angeles. Henderson also has experience on the OEM side of the business, helping to manage a leading Aston Martin and Lotus group in the Boston area.

Todd shares our values, as well as our detailed approach. This, coupled with his deep industry experience, makes Todd a great addition to the Ai team.


Robert Renda


You'll be hard pressed to find a more well-rounded, highly-skilled or gifted technician anywhere. Rob is responsbile for overseeing the completion of Ai Design's largest projects, as well as the day-to-day flow of work in the Shop. Rob's dedication is seconded only by his broad industry experience. Some of the most impressive work that comes out of the Ai stable is Rob's, but you'll also find him actively engaged in managing the ebb-and-flow here at our facility as well (no small feat, with our demanding production schedule).


Kenneth Karasinski


Kenny is a true expert in the application, installation, and programming of automotive electronics. Kenny's abilities go well beyond electronics and include other areas within Ai Design's broad pallett of services. Kenny has been a fixture here at Ai since joining the Team in 2000, but keeps himself well-educated and informed about the very latest technologies at all times. His intelligence, dedication to quality, and positive outlook are considered key attributes at Ai Design.


Mark Palines


After many years as a Lead Technician for the highly respected Penske Group, Mark has mastered the talent of adapting any size performance upgrade to today's modern, sophisticated vehicles. Mark has deep industry experience, including race car preperation and all manner of performance tuning. Mark is extraordinarily flexible, and you may find him restoring a muscle car one day, and working on Porsche or Mercedes leading-edge-tech another. There are few Technicians that can translate their skill-set to such a broad range of subject matter. This, along with a positive, customer-oriented attitude makes Mark a valued member of the Ai team.

Sales Director

Jairo Ortiz


Jairo is experienced in both automotive and furniture upholstery. Jairo's wealth of knowledge is evidenced by the exceptional hand-craftsmanship for which he is responsible. Truly fine leather work requires myriad skills, but more importantly, the ability to take on the design work necessary to accomplish our customers' goals. Jairo has a great aesthetic sense, and applies in well to his craft. Jairo is a perfect compliment to the rest of the team at Ai Design.


Herminio Pena


Herminio is a 20-year veteran in this field, with a huge base of knowledge and a deep bench when it comes to hand-skill. Herminio's focus is on the electronic side of the Shop, and his steady hand is always a point of pride for Ai Design. Able to confidently handle any iron that's here at the Shop, Herminio is an integral member of the Team.

Chris Pound


Chris is another industry long-timer, with years of experience at all levels of the business. Chris has run his own shop in central Connecticut, as well as having been the anchor man at a series of other top-tier firms throughout New England, over the years. Chris brings a whole series of skills to the table...if you want you need something that doesn't exist, stick a sheet of paper in front of him, and he'll build it. We're pleased to have Chris on the Ai Team.