Sending your vehicle to Ai Design is a straight-forward process. We routinely handle work from outside of our immediate area, and we’d be happy to handle vehicle transport for you.

For local short-haul or emergency service, we’d be happy to make flat-bed arrangements for you. For long-haul service from areas outside the Tri-State area, we favor Intercity Lines, based out of the Boston area. Intercity offers fully-enclosed long-haul services from anywhere in the lower 48 States. Consistency, integrity, and specialized equipment are factors that contribute to our decision to recommend Intercity “first” to our clients. If you have an out-of-state transport need, please let us know, and we’d be happy to make the scheduling arrangements for you.

For those of you outside of New York: transporting your vehicle to us, then back to your home in another State generally means that your work is exempt from NY Sales Tax. Often this amount exceeds the transportation costs, so please keep that in mind.

Please be aware that trucking services tend to get a bit tight during national automotive events, such as Pebble Beach, the various Arizona auctions, Palm Beach events, etc. It’s always best to schedule as early as possible to avoid shipping conflicts.

If you’d prefer to drive to our facility and to fly back out, we are a fifteen minute drive from the Westchester County Airport, and the other major New York and New Jersey airports are all within a one hour radius.