Ai Design is a company of craftsmen focused on producing highly personalized vehicles. Clients come to us with a standard vehicle and a vision of how they’d like that vehicle to behave, perform, look, and ‘feel’. Our role is to translate that vision, so that the vehicle most closely matches our clients’ wishes, needs, and tastes. To achieve this we combine leading-edge technologies, the highest quality components, and an old-world, highly-personalized, highly-skilled approach. Ai Design is about the work of modern coach building.
We handle many large “blue sky” projects, along with smaller scale, same-day-delivery work focusing on performance, maintenance, and vehicle integration. Our repertoire includes performance and engine tuning, upholstery and interior modifications, electronics, aerodynamic styling, suspension upgrades, braking systems, and all manner of custom fabrication and design work. We partner with, or distribute for, a selection of the world’s leading component and Tuning manufacturers. We are well-placed regionally to provide everything from road-force tire balancing to one-off Mobile Living Space solutions.

Ai Design is led by a passionate innovator, Founder Matt Figliola, who established Ai Design in 1992. Spend any time here and you’ll be struck with a sense of the passion, enthusiasm, and drive that make Ai Design a leader in our field. This passion has helped Ai build up a rock-solid reputation among our clients, our industry peers, and the motoring press.

If passion is our engine, then a meticulous focus on proper organization and creativity are our fuel. They are our defining characteristics, and with them, we outpace the competition.


Visit the Ai Design facility and meet our staff—notice the way we arrange our production notes and the manner in which each vehicle is prepared for work: Wires are labeled with special tags, large easy-to-read flow charts and schematic drawings are provided to guide technicians through each project. At its deepest level, our approach is uniquely detail-focused; created and honed over time by founder Matt Figliola. Through this process, we eliminate distractions and the result is a high level of clarity for the technicians working on each vehicle. 


At Ai Design, each day requires uncommon resourcefulness. Our creative approach to work process, problem solving, fabrication, and employee training is at the core of our attention-to-detail mindset. Our capacity to adapt and devise new and better systems, procedures, and techniques allows us to assure best quality results in everything we do.