Although this is not a category of work that we advertise heavily, Ai is active in quietly completing full restorations of various vintage and specialty vehicles. Many of our clients appreciate both the manner and depth with which we research and document our work on modern vehicles. These same techniques are also brought to bear in our restoration work.

Our particular expertise with the highest level electric and electronic architectures, along with our fabrication, interior, and design work all contribute to a high level result. A 100% point “concourse” style restoration for a particular model may be best left to a brand-specialist, as many times the results have more to do with specific model experience, or hard to find part stocks.

However, Ai’s ability to organize and manage long-term projects, as well as the equipment, tools, facility, and staff necessary for such projects make us well-suited for restoration work on a number of brand vehicles. Call us to discuss your goals for your vintage vehicle, and we’d be happy to go over the options.

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