Imagine your interior, but just the way you’d like it, not just “black”, “tan” or “gray”.

The overall quality of automotive interiors continues to improve as time marches on. Manufacturers have struggled with increasingly sophisticated consumer demand, both in terms of content and quality. Furthermore, this area of the industry is now driven in large part by what are very difficult environmental limitations (leather tanning not being the most wonderful process for the environment). There are some very refined, very well-crafted options available directly off the showroom floor.

Having said this, there are always areas within a vehicle’s interior that can stand to benefit from a more personal touch. For many of our clients, the standard interior trim design and functionality does not fully meet their wishes or tastes. Beyond that, many of our customers wish to explore more detailed, more finely crafted interior options with us that are simply more evocative, more colorful, and closer to their style.

The prerequisites to a great interior have to do with using the finest materials, matched with the best craftsmen, of course. At Ai we have many years of accumulated experience in the finest leathers, threads, foams, plastics, woods, and composite materials. Some of the materials we use come from the furniture and fashion industry, in fact, adding a level of quality and exclusivity above and beyond even the best materials normally used in automotive applications. Our staff of leather masters includes some of the best you’ll find anywhere. We have the proper pre-req’s in place, rest assured.

Once these initial standards are met, however, the real key to success lies in a full and proper understanding of the limitations of the various materials, as well as the design sense to craft an interior that objectively impresses on all levels. This vision, design aesthetic, and experience are what separate Ai from an “upholstery shop”, and we feel help defines the term “excellence” in this area of our craft. Call us to discuss your wishes and we’d be happy to review the options for your particular vehicle.

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