Sport exhaust systems are an effective way to increase the efficiency of your engine, and to do so while adding a more aggressive, deeper exhaust note and a great new look. Well-designed sport exhausts carefully optimize exhaust gas flow to achieve lower back pressure and less restriction. The trick when choosing a proper sport exhaust is to weigh the various factors involved, which include material , sound level, regional legal compliance, power gain, and fit. Put simply, the most popular system may drive you up a wall in terms of sound level. Although “how much tone is too much” is bit like choosing favorite colors, experience is the most important component in making a qualified decision that you’ll be pleased with long-term.

On many cars there is a wide range between the quality, sounds, and performance among many OEM systems and the available aftermarket systems that replace them. Price, fitment, ease of initial installation, and tonal quality are all issues which tend to limit OEM design. One might find that a system that is optimized for simple, fast installation on the Factory floor is not optimum from a performance perspective.  Similarly, a system made for  the “90th percentile” buyer (even when discussing sports cars), may not have as aggressive a tone as an enthusiast may wish. Many OEM exhaust systems have improved a great deal in response to these market trends, but there are still areas left open for the aftermarket to add value, in many cases.

The best systems aren’t necessarily the loudest, biggest, or most complicated, and sometimes there is more than one solid choice. Often enough, making subtle changes to a system’s diameter and layout can net the biggest real-world performance. A system that is ‘too open’, aside from making you really popular with your neighbors, may result in a slight HP gain at high rpm, but may do so to the detriment of the shape of the torque curve. Larger exhaust plumbing may intuitively “sound” like the best route (and sometimes it is), but careful choices must be made for the best results.

We recommend systems that are carefully “tuned” to avoid annoying resonance at speed, but which provide great tone when you want it, and more or less standard sound levels when cruising. There are particular brands that focus on these attributes, and certainly the quality of the system is also a big part of our decision-making process. There are many caveats and exceptions in what is now a sea of choice . . . let us know your driving style, and we can discuss a range of options with you. Of course, expert installation is the final link in the process of choosing a winning sport exhaust system for your needs.

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