This is quite a broad subject area for us, as we specialize in Tuning components for a wide range of vehicles. Of particular focus for us are Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and GM and Ford full-sized vehicles. We are also commissioned to take on various special projects from time to time, including some exotic, hyper-exotic, and racing vehicles.

Our first goal is to “do no wrong” when producing more power. Current model vehicles at every price range feature high levels of electronic sophistication. On the other hand, the automotive manufacturing environment is incredibly competitive. This naturally results in a “mass-produced”, “36 month lease” focus when it comes to vehicle engineering. Operating within these two goalposts and not making things worse in the first challenge, a concept well lost on some of our competitors.

What we can say about our Tuning program more generally is that we seek to produce reliable, useable, thrilling power, but performance that is in keeping with the basic character of the vehicle we are augmenting. This is the essential difference between “Tuning”, along the European model, and “Hot Rodding”. We are Hot Rod fans as well, but Hot Rodding can often be a closer reflection of the Hot Rodder’s wishes and tastes, and his/her artistic vision. “Tuning” is more about applying our vision and experience to “polish the stone”; so to speak . . . it is a process of refinement, more than re-designing the vehicle completely.

The goal of Tuning is to “tailor the suit”, not to make it into another garment entirely, and this is particularly true of ECU modifications, when properly done. ECU tuning is about very carefully adjusting and optimizing fuel, ignition, and timing settings to improve power delivery throughout the rpm range. We do not seek to change the character of the original mapping, but to refine and improve it, whenever possible. This is a very difficult balance, and we work with some of the world’s best engineering firms to offer some of the most sophisticated mapping available. Reliability, smooth power, and great results for every day driving are the goals of our ECU programming.

There are many other options aside from AI for those looking for a track-rocket, or for those looking for the “biggest”, “fastest”, or “loudest”, but our focus is on proven, highly-engineered solutions. We work only with industry-leading suppliers that have long track records and who, in our experience, share our overall philosophy.

Depending upon the vehicle model, we offer ECU tuning packages, superchargers, turbochargers, ancillary cooling packages including intercooling, sport exhaust systems, and other more serious conversions up to and including full engine packages. Please call us to discuss your performance goals and we’d be happy to discuss the options.

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