Many of the vehicles we focus on already have great braking systems. However, as we address engine, wheel/tire, and suspension changes, it becomes very easy to overstretch the capabilities of these standard braking systems rather quickly. Although the technology level of braking control systems, such as ABS technology, have taken leaps and bounds over the past 25 years, the hardware side of the equation is often dictated by costs. The solution is Brembo brake packages, which are engineered to provide an added measure of safety and performance.

Brembo is a name synonymous with excellence in the braking field. Virtually every level of competitive motorsport has witnessed the success of the Brembo name, all the way up to Formula 1. Many of the world’s leading Manufacturers work with Brembo to provide the best OE solutions, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Lamborghini. Brembo is an industry leader, and Ai is proud to be a Master Distributor for Brembo packages, with long expertise in this particular area of the industry.

Brembo packages are critical when fitting larger, heavier wheel and tire packages on SUV’s. This is an important active safety feature, and adding swept area to the brake pad, along with more caliper clamping force becomes a requisite. Further, vented, slotted rotors provide better heat dissipation and expel spent brake gases more efficiently, all of which reduces the chance of warping or “cooking” of the brake components under high load.

On the street and on the track, it’s hard to argue with the added performance buffer that a Brembo package provides. This is particularly true on highly modified street machines, but also on the larger and higher performing sport sedans, where increase in temperature under load can cause brake failure.

Larger brakes can have their trade-offs, and we’re quick to point these out when discussing your driving style and your vehicle needs, but certainly Brembo packages are a sophisticated, high-quality way to enjoy deeper braking, higher cornering speeds, and an added level of active safety for your vehicle. Packages are available in a number of configurations and colors. Please call to discuss your specific needs, and we can recommend the best GT or GTR combination for your performance vehicle or SUV.

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