Some look for what is the trendiest or newest to market . . . we look for what is best.

Aerodynamic styling is unlikely to change your street car into a race car, no matter how highly-styled. However, it is possible to discretely improve the aerodynamic efficiency of your performance vehicle, as well as to add more downforce. Often discounted as “just styling”, this is an important consideration in overall performance.

You’ll find that we primarily champion brands from Germany in this area, which stands to reason, as the performance demands of the Autobahn tend to produce very highly-engineered solutions indeed. Wind-tunnel testing is crucial to establishing real-world results, and many of the brands we carry test their packages in the tunnel as a matter of course. TUV-approval and meeting European Community approvals are useful measures in guaranteeing a high level of material quality, which aids fit and service life. On top of this, these standards include passing pedestrian impact and other important safety standards that are normally only required of the major Vehicle Manufacturers. There are often less expensive, perhaps more trendy options for your vehicle, but quality performance, fit, safety, and service life all factor into our calculus when offering aerodynamic choices to our clients.

For many customers aerodynamic efficiency is secondary to achieving a bespoke style and an overall vehicle aesthetic, helping to make their car more “their own”. AI has over 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading suppliers, and we can help you navigate the growing sea of options. Realizing customers’ special wishes is what we do, with an expert, creative staff, efficient, streamline procedures, and connections to some of the worlds’ leading suppliers. We then execute with passionate enthusiasm. Come find out how effective our approach can be.

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