“MLS” or “Mobile Living Space” is a category we use to describe a unique area of work here at Ai. MLS brings together our best thinking about electronic entertainment, performance, bespoke interior work, exclusive paint and body treatment, and mobile office functionality. The MLS concept is one that surrounds the owner or occupant in a comfortable environment when on the road, but with full electronic functionality that one might only otherwise find at home.

Although typically chauffeured, we bristle at the word “limo”, when describing the MLS concept. “Coachbuilding” is another word often used to describe this area of our business, and this covers some of the salient points, but perhaps not as precisely as we’d wish. The MLS owner is looking for full functionality, truly unique components and equipment, a luxurious environment which has more in common with fine office or home furnishings, and performance for normal everyday use.

Due to the scale and scope of this work, MLS projects may take many months to produce, requiring (and benefiting) from close cooperation with the owner to ensure a final result that represents your wishes.

In total, the MLS concept provides a singularly unique opportunity for a fresh approach to travel, representing the type of ownership experience one might find in private jets, boats, or homes. For those on the move, Ai can provide the total vehicle experience that will keep you connected, coddled, comfortable, and secure.

Please call for more details about our full range of MLS services.