Remote radar and laser protection systems are nothing new, and every local ‘stereo shop’ can provide a generic solution. However, for a highly-tailored, innovative solution, look to Ai and our family of rear-view mirror display packages.

Ai’s innovative rear view mirror radar detector system sets the standard in discreet, well-engineered performance. Often imitated, but never duplicated, this package allows for remote location of the industry-leading Valentine One or Passport 9500ci radar detection packages. The Ai difference is how (and how "well") the display unit is cleverly integrated into the vehicle’s interior. Often we can locate the display unit within the rear view mirror assembly. On certain applications we can even locate the display behind the mirror itself. 

The Ai mirror kit offers a high level of protection without the tacked-on appearance of most radar installation or the inherent inconvenience of a generic windshield mounted unit.

For full radar protection, Ai also offers a series of laser jammer systems. Discretely located, the laser unit adds an additional layer of protection, and both display units can often be co-located, for proper ergonomics and viewing at a glance.

Ai takes the time to ensure results by testing our systems against the latest laser and radar detection equipment (which we own and update as technology changes). Many installations we come across clearly ignore the technical demands of fitting highly sensitive components to the front of a vehicle traveling at speed. This may seem simple, and this is easy to take for granted. However, in our experience many installers don’t take the time to properly ensure that bracket fabrication, alignment, wiring and connector quality, as well as literally pointing the units properly are all completed. Ai treats this work with the seriousness that it deserves.

Ai Design packages provide a clean, finished appearance. We use top quality materials, which evoke a level of sophistication one might otherwise only find in an OE integrated solution.

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