There are few areas of the daily driving experience that can be more aggravating than having wires hanging all over a vehicle’s cabin. As more and more electronic devices become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, “integration” becomes the key to defining “comfort”, “luxury”, and “performance”.

“Electronic Security” is a term we use to describe a category of our work focusing on vehicle security, such as radar and laser protection systems, along with lighting (interior and exterior), camera, night vision, charge maintenance, and other components that we feel add to the security of the vehicle’s occupants, as well as those with whom we share the road (or driveway).

In all cases, our Electronic Security components are meant to simplify and improve your vehicle ownership experience, perhaps rectifying or modifying OE systems that might otherwise leave you desiring a higher level of refinement.

You shouldn’t have to compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s interior to enjoy a properly integrated electronic protection solution. There is a better way, and Ai has the solution.