We’ve lost count of how many vehicles now come with some form of ‘drop down’ or headrest-mounted TV system. As with most electronic systems, many of these options have been highly commoditized, and we feel this has effected the quality of some systems (although not all).

A vehicle is a very difficult environment for sensitive electronic components. Vibration, heat, dirt, swings in temperature, and UV light all make the automobile a less than ideal place to reproduce good data signals. Airplanes and yachts may be more difficult, in some ways, but cars and SUV’s are not a walk in the park from the perspective of video integration.

To succeed, we feel, takes a back-to-basics approach. We’re comfortable sharing this information publicly, but part of the secret to our success comes in a package smaller than your fingernail. The best switches, relays, and electronics panels make for the best results. Ai only uses domestically sourced wire, unheard of at most “12 volt” shops due to its high cost. All of our connections are soldered, not crimped. These, along with our Master Distributor status with the finest component brand names, are a few small, but crucial factors in what makes Ai a leading integration facility.

Come see us, or give us a call to discuss your video needs. You might be surprised what a difference our approach can make in your ownership experience.