Satellite radio has become a very popular option these days, and we’re consumers of this great technology ourselves. A number of options exist, but proper integration is somewhat rare. If you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution Ai might not be the place for you. If, you’re looking for a truly integrated solution, however, please come see us to discuss the options.

Ai has been at the forefront of the satellite TV business for a number of years, as well. Our clients want maximum function and maximum flexibility, and Sat TV provides both in spades. We are experts in what we feel is a growing field within the industry. Many of our clients need a full range of data sources while traveling or commuting, and Sat TV gives us the ability to offer maximum performance.

At present, Sat TV makes the most sense on larger vehicles with multiple video displays, as the hardware takes up a bit of real-estate on the vehicle. However, Ai has achieved solid results in integrating this technology to leave the smallest footprint possible. This takes some specialized design and fabrication skills, and we’d be happy to show you examples of our work in this field. We feel Sat TV will become more widely available in years to come, but for those who want to enjoy this technology right away, Ai is your source for the best integration package.