Many OE’s have been yanked kicking and screaming into a realization that Americans really do value our mobile devices very highly. Some also have a hard time understanding our addiction to driving around with hot liquids at hand in the car too!

We say this partly in jest, but the point we’re raising is that not all of the things that we value in this market are shared on a cultural level elsewhere. In the automotive world, this has resulted in some poor efforts at proper integration of phones, pda’s, and mpeg players, all things that many of us use more or less constantly. This gap, although shrinking, has left many of our clients with a poor set of choices in both interior functionality and hands-free safety.

Bluetooth technology has grown by leaps and bounds, and we enjoy working with the benefits that this technology provides. Ai has a series Bluetooth integration packages that you won’t find in a plastic box at your local electronics store. At Ai, creative implementation, along with an advanced design aesthetic result in Bluetooth and cell phone integration that are a pleasure to own. This can run from a simple installation in vehicles that don’t already have a Bluetooth or iPod integration option, to more advanced, bespoke options for individual needs that are beyond the norm.

Please call to discuss your needs, and we’d be pleased to review the options with you.