As discussed a bit in the intro above, if you work with us at Ai, you’re working with the best in the industry.

When we discuss sound with our clients, our focus is not so much on the technical minutia. Our contention is that you don’t have to be a musician or a sound expert to recognize great sound. We know this, in part, because we’ve built systems for conductors, legendary jazz, rock, and classical musicians, as well as people who engineer sound technology for military and civilian use.


The charts above cover how we organize our Sound System packages. Because of the myriad variations in Original Equipment, vehicle configuration, hardware and software quality, power, and the level of integration possible on each vehicle, we apply the basic forms below. This helps us express both 'what is possible' in terms of performance, but also what basic equipment layouts are available.

Think of the progression from Stage to Stage is a measure of how intricate the solution will be. Very broadly speaking, as one progresses up the ladder, performance increases. However, there is a selection of components (even in the very high end of equipment that we favor) that we might use at each level.

There are 4 major categories that effect the performance and value at each Stage:

"Power": power is perhaps the single most important factor in improving sound quality.

"Equipment Quality": we do not offer what we'd consider "commodity" level equipment, but even among the best speaker and amplifier choices there are value-oriented or premium choices.

"DSP": Digitial Signal Processing. How we process the signal from the OE head unit or amp is critical to the sound quality of the new system.

"Integration": Integration speaks to how we integrate the new system components with those already in the car, as well as to what degree we highlight or hide system components within the cabin of the vehicle.

How much technical weight we apply to each of these four main areas within each Stage dictates what the results will be. Of course, the pricing and system details below are GUIDELINES only...each system must be designed on a custom basis to satisfy the technical, client, and vehicle requirements of each project. However, the Stages below are a solid basis for beginning a discussion with us about the type of sound performance you're interested in.

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