There was a day when “Punch Buggy” was considered “state-of-the-art” in-car entertainment. Ever increasing levels of electronic sophistication and miniaturization now allow for a wide range of entertainment options while on the road. Tight integration is also possible for the daily-use devices that many of our clients find an indispensable part of their modern lives.

The roots of in-car entertainment, it must be said, go back to some of the pioneers in modern vehicle engineering. Ever since FM radio was first installed in a vehicle, there have been music and sound engineers working on better solutions for high-quality, high-clarity sound. Creating great sound within a vehicle is quite a challenge, as the environment can be closely compared to that of a metal refrigerator on wheels (which also vibrates).

Matt Figliola, Ai’s Founder, has been at the tip of this particular spear for over 25 years. Matt was winning sound contests when he was still riding his Big Wheel to sleepovers. Matt is considered a Master veteran of a very difficult, very competitive industry. In a field where reputations are made and lost project-by-project, Figliola’s reputation has stood the test of time.

Our staff’s experience in creating world-class sound systems has naturally helped Ai evolve into a full-entertainment solutions provider. We have photos around the shop of video systems Ai completed in the 1980’s!

Ai’s design, fabrication, and engineering skills make them the #1 choice for bespoke automotive audio, video, data, phone, and satellite vehicle integration. We have a long history of providing some of the most elegant technical solutions, and we execute with precision and care that is unmatched. Please call for an appointment to see some of our projects in process, and we think you’ll agree that Ai is the proper choice for you.