Andy Mauck's "MSV" vehicles built back in the 1990's still seem to resonate with many of our clients. For many, a Suburban or similarly scaled vehicle just doesn't have enough room to get the job done, and the styling, ease of use, and features on the MSV's really makes sense for some clients. Although no longer in production, we've gotten involved in some great builds of MSV's that are still on the road, including this black MSV that we're very proud of.

There are few projects that better describe our skill set. We have a "deep bench" here, and our MSV personalization work highlights this point. In this case, the client was looking for a very comfortable, functional, unique vehicle. These long term projects are very much a collaborative effort between Ai and the client, as various materials, styling choices, and trim levels need to be made along the way. 

This black MSV initially received a full restoration, essentially, but this was just for starters. The entire interior layout of the truck was upgraded and personalized. The electrical systems in the truck were completely redesigned, as were the control systems, which are controlled via an AMX system. The running gear and driveline (a perennial issue on the gasoline-engined MSV’s), were re-engineered to handle the high weight of the vehicle. The brakes and suspension were improved. The bodywork was modified…you name it, it got upgraded on this vehicle.

Click through the Gallery section below for a taste of the “before” and the “after”, but we’re proud of this vehicle because of the multiple disciplines and project management controls necessary to get it completed well.
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