Ken Block CLS55:

One of our favorite projects, and one of our favorite clients. Ken Block is well-known within motorsport circles, as well as for founding the Gen X phenom DC Shoes. For his daily driver, Mr. Block brought his considerable imagination to the table, allowing for a high degree of design free-will. The result is arguably the most exciting CLS to hit the streets to-date (we still get calls about this car three years on from all over the world).

The feature list on this vehicle is longer than our arm, but what people remember most about his car is the paint. Back when the car was built the "Matte Finish" vinyl wrap craze hadn't yet been conceived. The owner's goal for the car was to build something REALLY unique, and the paint formulation for this car was just that. The final result for  this car was the result of a lot of trial and error, not a trip to the paint store, as might be the case today. There was no such thing available when the car was built. Matte finishes are now far more common, but (and we say this with humility but a chunk of pride as well), this car helped influence that trend. 

At that time, there were a handful of Brabus "Rocket" cars in existence, and mainly in Europe. The aerodynamic package was expertly fitted, giving the CLS an aggressive stance. A K8 engine package supplied serious grunt, and a set of flat-orange, custom painted Brembo brakes front and rear helped haul things back to earth.

Bespoke interior touches, custom emblems, and a few other important touches helped make the CLS a far more 'personal' vehicle. We're proud to have been chosen for this project, and we appreciate the design flexibility afforded us by its owner.


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