Ai Design is well known for its expertise in full-sized GM vehicle conversions. We've received national press coverage on a number of these vehicles over the years, but one that struck a particularly strong chord was the Cigarette Onshore project in 2000.

Ai Design was commissioned to create a design concept to produce a limited series of Cigarette-branded vehicles. Based on the Chevy Tahoe, the Onshore project took a holistic approach to improving the vehicle. Wheels, tires, power, suspension, the audio system, brakes, leather, bespoke carbon fiber, a special paint scheme, and aerodynamic changes...every corner of the vehicle was modified in an effort to create a truly special vehicle.

In many ways, this vehicle was a collection of all of our best thinking up to that point in terms of what made a GM full-sized vehicle more comfortable, powerful, and unique. The motoring press seems to have agreed with our approach.



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