Audi R8 Blackbird:

What to "R8 Blackbird", and you'll get a few zillion hits.

Just don't ask us what "The Device" is...we're not telling!!

The Blackbird was a great project, and we really enjoyed working with the vehicle owner to help execute the work on this car. The Blackbird was a natural outgrowth of some of our prior integration work, most notably Team Polizei 144 chassis' A and B.

Blackbird's purpose was narrowly defined, but we feel as though the overall execution belies a wider set of skills, as well as a design sensibility that can be well-applied more generally. For those of you who've been inside the car and have seen the upper console work, you'll appreciate what we mean.

Blackbird is quite a machine, and despite a few efforts out there recently to glom off of our design aesthetic, it will not be duplicated. None of the final product could have happened without a tight, collaborative relationship with the vehicle owner, which we value above all.

As with all of our projects, receiving Press coverage is great. However, our first goal and primary responsibility is to the vehicle owner and their vision, which we feel we've closely matched when it comes to Blackbird. Blackbird was a great project, one which we enjoyed being involved in.

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