Team Polizei 144 Team Captain, Xtreme Rallysport guru, and now professional sports car racer Alex Roy is a long time friend and client here at Ai Design. Roy's experience in U.S. and International Rally events is well documented. He is one of the most successful road-rally champions of all time.

Alex's on-road success has everything to do with his personality and drive, but also with an intense, extraordinarily well-researched, detailed approach.  We share that same approach, along with a commitment to a design and build-process that produces winning results.

Ai Design is proud to have helped execute Alex's vision for his record-breaking BMW M5 chassis, Polizei 144. Time marches on, and many of the devices integrated into the various Polizei chassis have, by now, reached a new level of consumer acceptance. A current model Mercedes-Benz S-Class has integrated FLIR technology, for example. However, back when we were involved with Polizei 144, the only other vehicles running around with FLIR technology would have had about 2,500 lbs of missiles strapped to them!

Alex's experience, humor, and success are his own, but we remain pleased to have helped backstop his efforts in terms of his vehicle integration needs.

To read more, check out . "The Driver" is Alex's account of his record-breaking cross country rally's a great read, whether you're a vehicle enthusiast or not. 

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