"Mobile Living Space" is the term we use to describe mobile integration solutions that are a bit beyond the norm. MLS vehicles have one thing in common: they are built to customer specifications. They represent a far more thorough feature list than any other road-going space of similar size or scope. If one is looking for a truly special, customized vehicle, the MLS concept may be for you.

This vehicle was built to the demanding specifications of a well-known music mogul. The automotive environment is a challenging one. To make a Mobile Living Space that functions well on the road requires design considerations that one doesn't find at home, or in simpler integrations. In this case, just about every distinct area of the vehicle was adjusted, modified, or re-purposed to produce a package that exceeded the customer's wishes. 

The interior design of the MLS vehicle resonated very deeply with those who experienced it, as well as those in the motoring press allowed access to it. This was a very special project...one which helps define "what's possible" in the Mobile Living Space environment.



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