Ai Design Hummer H1 Camo:

We've included this Hummer project in the "Hall of Fame" section primarily because of the impact this vehicle has on-road. Aside from that, this is a good indicator of what can be achieved with a proper client/Ai cooperation. Your dream + our expertise = results like this H1.

For this project our mandate was in creating something really special with the H1 chassis. Up to that point, "bling" had been the common denominator among modified H1's...we didn't want to go that route. We wanted to produce something that implied a "military" aesthetic, but without looking like it was sprayed on with a rattle can. We think (and more importantly, the client agreed) that the overall look was executed in a way that brings a fresh perspective to this chassis.

Aside from all that, the reason we're calling attention to this project has to do with the tremendous amount of work necessary to achieve the end result. Ignore for a moment all of the time and testing required to develop the patterning and color scheme (which was considerable). Executing this job on a vehicle of the H1's size, with all of its nooks and crannies, irregularly shaped panels, and additional bumper, cage, and trunk real-estate was no mean feat.

This project illustrates "what's possible" here at Ai, particularly when we have such a great client relationship in place, as we did in this instance.

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